Need help - Adding Co Client to Swagger API?

Need help - Adding Co Client to Swagger API?

Thanks for looking into this issue. I am using the Pet Store example which can be found on the Swagger Editor website, which shows the API file being inputted and the resulting API in the Swagger UI :

I am trying to extend this demo to include pet images (in PNG format), a list of the inputted files, and characteristics about them.

Do I able to use another language like Golang instead for this API client?

I did try to generate GoLang Client from Swagger, but I am not able to find a way to add above functionality there.

The REST API tutorial provided in GoLang site is not discussing about GoLang client.

I have looked online for some tutorial pieces (both on YouTube and other forums) which explain the purpose of the API client and its usability, but I have not found any which give a suitable explanation…

I did tried some go scripts provided in other forums to read image (.png format) . It print as text junk instead of image on ubuntu terminal.

Are there any posted tutorial/guide to follow to do the above ?

Thanks for your guidance.

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