Need free Tutorial

Hello, everyone. I am saif. It’s very pleasant and nice to here in the golangbridge forum. I feel very excited. it is an amazing community. thanks, everyone from my side.

I am new to programming as well as new to golang. i need some tutorial. if someone had tutorial plz do share with me. thanks

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A good book for beginning that I recommend is this one

also start reading Go documentation


I agree with @geosoft1 on the book and reading documentation.

On top of that check out the YouTube channel called “Learn To Code” by a guy named Todd McLeod. The guy is very through in his explanations and uses the Go documentation a lot which is great to understand how to read them.


You can start learning the go programming from go tour. You will get a chance to do hands-on while learning.
You can also learn the go from website. It explains the Go concept in a very simple way with example.
Once you learn the go syntax and have done hands-on then you can start reading Effective Go on Go’s official document and specification.

If you interested in a reading book, below are a list of book you can refer:

  • The Go programming language
  • Go in action
  • Introducing Go
  • The way to Go

I have been writing beginner tutorials about Go for quite sometime now. Please check


Thank you sir. i will do

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