Need bootstrap for implementing hashing algorithm

Having looked at the go sources for hash, crypto/md5, crypto/sha256 I must admit that I am a bit puzzled on how to start writing my own hashing algorithm which will return a string type as opposed to current ones which return longs/ints. Any pointers greatly appreciated

  • Don’t write your own crypto. This will lead to disaster.
  • The existing libraries return hash.Hash. Which methods that return numeric types do you refer to?

I do not want to write my own crypto, I want to implement my own hashing function which will use the exact same implementation than the standard md5/sha256 but will return a string/[]byte value which will represent my own hashing of the input. CRC32, md5 … compute int/long/… which are in turn converted to []byte as returned value from hash therefore my statement above

You can just fmt.Sprintf("%x", h.Sum(nil)) to get a hexadecimal hashsum:

package main

import (

func main() {
	input := "The tunneling gopher digs downwards unaware of what he will find.\n"

	h := sha256.New()

	s := fmt.Sprintf("%x", h.Sum(nil))



Yes I already know about this and use it for computing md5/sha256 of some data
However I’d like to write another hashing function of my own which will implement the same interface than md5/sha256 but do other computation I will write however I do not know how to proceed to achieve this

I am still not quite sure what you are looking for. But maybe the source of crypto/sha256 can help you. New could be a starting point.

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As mentioned in my first post here above, I already looked at these codes but can not figure out which function is consuming the input data to produce the hash

I think I am making some progress here. Write function seems to be the key but name was confusing to me :wink:

I now have a fully working new hashing algorithm. I was not that complicated after all but required a lot of generate and test on my side

Would you share the code you wrote, please?

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