Nakama – Social infrastructure for games in-a-box (v2.15)

Nakama is an open source, distributed server for social and realtime games and apps. Written in Go.


  • Users - Register/login new users via social networks, email, or device ID.

  • Storage - Store user records, settings, and other objects in collections.

  • Social - Users can connect with friends, and join groups. Builtin social graph to see how users can be connected.

  • Chat - 1-on-1, group, and global chat between users. Persist messages for chat history.

  • Multiplayer - Realtime, or turn-based active and passive multiplayer.

  • Leaderboards - Dynamic, seasonal, get top members, or members around a user. Have as many as you need.

  • Tournaments - Invite players to compete together over prizes. Link many together to create leagues.

  • Runtime code - Extend the server with custom logic written in Lua or native Go code.

  • Matchmaker, dashboard, metrics, and more.

We’re planning to release v3.0 in January 2021. A key addition in that release is the addition of a JavaScript runtime for use with Nakama’s scripting layer, which currently supports Go and Lua.

What is the intended use cases / user flows ? The readme does not describe that well. Is this a library for managing users, for someone who has coded a video game and wants user management ?

Also, you could (should) add, in addition to the use cases, some architecture diagram in your readme.

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