myLG v0.2.4 released

myLG, is an open source software utility which combines the functions of the different network probes in one network diagnostic tool.
I’ve started this project as I have lot of experiences w/ network issues so I wanted to create a tool to speed up troubleshooting.

website :

I would love to get your feedback pls :slight_smile:


  • Popular looking glasses (ping/trace/bgp) like Telia, Level3
  • More than 200 countries DNS Lookup information
  • Local fast ping and realtime trace
  • Packet analyzer - TCP/IP and other packets
  • Local HTTP/HTTPS ping (GET, POST, HEAD)
  • RIPE information (ASN, IP/CIDR)
  • PeeringDB information
  • Port scanning fast
  • Network LAN Discovery
  • Web dashboard
  • Configureable options
  • Direct access to commands from shell
  • Support vi and emacs mode, almost all basic features
  • CLI auto complete and history features

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