Modulesinit() help in runtime

It is mentioned in the comments of the modulesInit() function in the symtab.go file inside the runtime folder of the Go source code, that when a module is first loaded by a dynamic linker, addmoduledata is called and a number of modules built with -linkshared and the plugin can be loaded.

The modulesinit() function gets invoked twice when I run an application that is made with -buildmode=shared and -linkshared flag, and the plugin is used in LD_PRELOAD.

My observation:

The myapplication is built using the -linkshared and the plugin so is loaded using plugin.Open() or LD_PRELOAD. In this case, the modulesinit() inside the symtab.go is invoked twice.

Application is built using -linkshared and shared library created with -buildmode=shared is loaded using LD_PRELOAD. In this case, the modulesinit() doesn’t get invoked.

export LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/ ; ./myapplication

In the case of the plugin, if I don’t compile the binary with -linkshared then modulesinit() doesn’t get invoked at all, is it possible to invoke it somehow in the same?

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