MIPS32 Support in future releases?


Why there is no MIPS32 support in the current release of go?

Is expected to support mips32 (most openwrt routers) in the future?

I know that MIPS32 is not mainstream architecture, but is widely present on home routers.


Edit: Summary of the solution:

Just download gocompiler sources from master branch ,set mips for MIPS32 MSB or mipsle for MIPS32 LSB crosscompile flags, build the compiler. Use it as compiler for build your packages, you may have to fix many build flags of dependencies that detect the build as mips64, (add +mips and +mipsle) on the headers and you will able to build for openwrt mips routers :D.

Go 1,8 will support cross-compiling to MIPS32, according to this blog post.


Perfect and accurated answer. Thanks.

You know if there is some alpha or beta release that I can test meanwhile?

You can try this now, build go from source and cross compile.

If you wait a week or two there will be a go 1.8 beta binary release.


Thanks I will do.

Edit: Nevermind, I was able to compile for MIPS32 LSB with mipsle crosscompile flag of the current go at master branch.


That’s awesome. I tried to test this on the weekend but the two machines I have (WD LX TV set top box, and a WIFI to ethernet dongle) are tricky to get access to the command line.

Could you blog or tweet about this?

I don’t have this kind of device,but according to the official website you are able to access via ssh and telnet , with this you have to check if rootfs is rw or ro, if it is ro, you should look for external usb drive in order to make a RW partition as overlay, add to path and you will be able to write and run any executable.

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