Looking for open source collaborators

Hey guys, it’s been a great almost half-a-year experience building the websocket abstraction library: github.com/qbeon/webwire-go

And now as its not far away from its final v1.0.0 release I’m looking for open source collaborators to help us improve it even further. Our strategy was to make it work first, then make it work fast. Now it’s time to show the full potential of websockets, so help is needed in benchmarking and profiling the library besides code reviewing and testing.

We open-sourced it because we believe that WebWire can be very useful for building modern high-performance real time (web) applications enabling low-latency communication with only little overhead and an easy to use, intuitive API for both Go and JavaScript.

If there’s anyone out there willing to help us and get his/her name engraved into it, please don’t hesitate to reply soon! :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyway, thank you for your attention, may the gophers be with you! :wink:

I would like a have a good look at the project and in time even collaborate :slightly_smiling_face:

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Cool! You’re welcome to contribute to the project at any time in the following ways (sorted by importance):

  • Identifying performance bottlenecks (and possibly even fix them).
  • Providing performance comparisons to alternative solutions (such as comparing common properties like req/s, latency and throughput with the standard HTTP library or third-party solutions such as valyala/fasthttp).
  • Reviewing and improving documentation
  • Adding or proposing missing examples to make the library easier to get started with.
  • Reviewing code.

Check out our contribution guidelines for more details!

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