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I want to know how about gostay, from you guys,this is the first release of my software called gostay, it is similar like go get but better than that ( My Words ), go get -u -v always take a long time and sometimes it makes me stress because go get -u -v only print out downloading without any progress i could see. and in the future release maybe in 2.0 it could be explore any package from Web which is i will develop using angular so anyone can manage their golang package easily and it could be installing golang package from Web interface.

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An amazing feature would be the ability to completely uninstall a package. It’s crazy the current Go tools don’t do that, and one must manually delete the source files.

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Good idea, i will note that, maybe in the next release would be available

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Now version 1.1 is released, i have adding one feature that might be helpful for some programmer, or maybe it will be default configuration for every project, so it works like requirements.txt for python developer, or package.json for node js developer or composer.json for PHP developer, or pubspec.yaml for Flutter developer.
Just type
gostay -f requirements.txt

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