Let's using Gostay

(Supan Adit Pratama) #1

I want to know how about gostay, from you guys,this is the first release of my software called gostay, it is similar like go get but better than that ( My Words ), go get -u -v always take a long time and sometimes it makes me stress because go get -u -v only print out downloading without any progress i could see. and in the future release maybe in 2.0 it could be explore any package from Web which is i will develop using angular so anyone can manage their golang package easily and it could be installing golang package from Web interface.

(catacombs) #2

An amazing feature would be the ability to completely uninstall a package. It’s crazy the current Go tools don’t do that, and one must manually delete the source files.

(Supan Adit Pratama) #3

Good idea, i will note that, maybe in the next release would be available