Lead Golang Backend Developer at a Startup (Remote)

About us
We are Allay, a startup based out of Chennai, India - working towards developing and bringing to the masses, a revolutionary new approach to mobile social networking. We are currently at an early stage of the development process and are looking to hire the core members of our engineering team.

We are looking for a Lead Golang Backend Developer to take complete responsibility of building the entire backend from scratch - system design, development, testing, deployment, maintenance and upgrades.

Preferred experience in the following tech stack

  • Microservices Architecture
  • Golang
  • REST
  • gRPC
  • MySQL / PostgreSQL
  • Cassandra / MongoDB
  • Redis / Memcached
  • RabbitMQ / Kafka
  • Elasticsearch
  • AWS
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Jenkins

Preferred Skills & Requirements

  • Proven hands-on experience in Backend Development and microservices.
  • Experience in designing efficient database schemas and information models, microservices, and backend system architectures.
  • Knowledge in concurrency and multithreading.
  • Worked on a chat / messaging module.
  • Experience in Linux, UNIX, or Windows.
  • Analysing and optimizing architectural performance and efficiency.
  • Knowledge in scalability and load balancing.
  • Knowledge in implementing robust security measures, authentication, encryption, SSL, and OWASP.
  • Integration of multiple databases and data sources into a single system.
  • Knowledge in building admin, analytics dashboards, and database management for social networking platforms.
  • Knowledge in session management.
  • Experience in server configuration and deployment - basic Devops and Cloud knowledge.
  • Proficiency in versioning tools such as GitHub / GitLab.
  • Producing clean and elaborate code documentation for future reference.
  • Knowledge in automated testing, unit testing, debugging, and basic QA.
  • Interest in brainstorming, ideation & problem solving.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Product & concept brainstorming.
  • Develop and deploy the platform.
  • Tracking analytics, debugging, and maintenance of the app.
  • Coordinate and work closely with the other members and teams.
  • Brainstorming marketing and promotional strategy.
  • Sponsored travel for product marketing.
  • Work on future product enhancements and modifications.

Please send in the following details to jobs@allay.in and we will get back to you!

  • How many years of experience you have in building microservices using Golang?
  • Your latest resume in a PDF format.
  • Your previous pay / compensation (per month) and how much you are expecting from us (on a cost-to-company basis)?
  • How soon would you be able to join our team?

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