Junior Go developer (remote)

We are a young privately funded fintech company. We work from all over the world and collaborate through git, slack, voip. The Internet is our home and office.

Do You love to learn, work and experiment with new tech? Do you enjoy prototyping ideas, designing and bootstrapping new projects? Fluent in English? If So then get in touch.

Tech we work with:

  • Go
  • Git
  • CI/CD
  • Microservices
  • Containers
  • Blockchains

Please send your CV and introduction to netixen@protonmail.com


Hey! Exciting, I just sent my CV on the email. Thanks for posting :heart_eyes:

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I’m new to GO can you help me learn it. I’m having a hard time


Just sent you an email with CVs and contact details.

Garry J

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Hi @Nixon_Lauture, did you walk through the Go tour? It will teach you the basics of Go.

If you have any concrete problem, please open a new topic here in the forum. But please don’t append to an existing topic like this one.

This is great. Now the jobs are based on what? Like someone wants something done, you guys make the connections like fiverr. then when the job is delivered, get paid? And must one be a graduate too?