Issue in calling a function from DLL in GO Lang

Problem Description : There is dll( A1.dll- compiled in C++) in which a function is defined as EXPORT void S3(HWND hwnd, HINSTANCE hinst, LPSTR lpszCmdLine, int nCmdShow){} I want to load this DLL using GO lang. For this I am writing below program:

package main

import (


func main() {
    dll, err := syscall.LoadDLL("A1.dll")
    proc, err := dll.FindProc("S3")
    _, _, dllError := proc.Call()
    fmt.Println("calling S3")
    fmt.Printf("Error, err: %s\n", dllError)
    fmt.Printf("Error, err: %s\n", err)

This is not working. Also I am not able to understand that here how to pass the parameter in call function according to function S3 definition. Could anybody help me in understanding this issue?

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