Is it possible to create an image from text in golang?

Hi there,

So the problem I’m trying to solve is that I have some text, the format of which doesn’t matter to me (format meaning text file vs a string variable vs any other format), and I want to make an image out of how this text would look on a page. I feel like this is a thing that can be done, but I’ve never tried anything like this so I don’t really know.

I googled a bit and found that there is an image package, but it looks like this is for either manipulating pre-existing images or making shapes. If anyone has input on potential uses of the image package that I’ve missed I’d welcome their insight.

Edit to Add: I may have found something that works, called freetype. I don’t know yet though, I’m going to try it out.

Yup! This library gives me what I need.

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