Installtion Error

So I’ve sucsefully added the /go directory in my usr/local/ but when I attempt to perform the next installation step “vim .profile” in usr/local/go/bin I get the following error.

I’m pretty sure you do not want to edit /usr/local/go/bin/.profile but ~/.profile.

Aside of this, this is an issue of your editor. If you do not know how to use vi(m), then you should use a different one. vi is very special, and how to exit it is one of the most often search queries in google :wink:

I can highly recommend micro (which is written in go). It has a lot of handy features and especially are all the shortcuts for usual commands the same as any other editor. It just one file to download and install in /usr/local/bin for example.

PS: Is there any reason why you do not use your package manager to install go?

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