Infping and InfluxDB not working

I have no experience with Go.

I’m trying to get working and although it appears to be operating normally, no data is being stored in InfluxDB. I haven’t made any changes to the code aside from uncommenting a logging line to show the results of the fping command to the screen. It’s possible there was a change in InfluxDB from version 0.9 to version 1.0.2, which is what I’m running. It may be failing on the write, but the Go script is not providing feedback on that. The Go script did create the fields, just no data is being written.

Can someone take a look at the infping.go code and tell me how to add some more logging for the InfluxDB writing part? Or if someone has an idea why the infping.go code won’t work on InfluxDB v1.0.2, please let me know.


Lot of views, but no replies. Any additional info I can provide to clarify what I’m seeing?

You probably need to talk to an Influxdb community, not a general Go one. looks like a good start?

I’ve also reached out over there and it might be the code change I suspected. I’d still like to know how or where I can add some logging to the Go script to see what the string is that’s being written to InfluxDB.

I took a quick look, and it’s using the InfluxDB client library at for the communication. So it doesn’t do any real formatting on it’s own. You’ll need to make sure the client library version matches the server version, probably, and do any further debugging from that package…

Thanks for checking that out! I’ll reply if I get it sorted.

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