Httplog - composable HTTP logger adapted from Gorilla Handlers

(Lassi) #1


This is a composable HTTP logging library. It doesn’t dictate how you should log your stuff. Instead, it provides a toolkit to help roll your own logger. Use the parts you like and ignore the rest.

  • It’s based around a LogRequest struct that contains parsed info about a HTTP request.
  • The LogHandler middleware lets you log any HTTP request. You give it a function that gets a LogRequest . The function can format and write log entries any way it likes.
  • To format log entries, you can use the CommonLogLine or CombinedLogLine function. It’s also easy to roll your own formatting: LogRequest should have all the info you need.

The hard parts of this library were extracted from the Gorilla Handlers package. This logging library is framework-agnostic and doesn’t depend on Gorilla or anything else outside the Go standard libraries.