How would users "flag" posts?

(Jason Buberel) #1

Haven’t found any feature that would allow me to “flag” a post for moderator review. Is that disabled, not a feature?

(Matt Holt) #2

Click the little flag icon:

(Jason Buberel) #3

No such icon in my view :frowning:

So new users cannot flag. Interesting.

(Luna Duclos) #4

That’s probably configurable somewhere in the admin panel

(Jason Buberel) #5

Requires “Trust Level 1”, which @matt has now granted me.

(Matt Holt) #6

Some things related to trust levels are, but unless I’m missing something, I don’t think flag privileges can be given to users with a TL of 0.

Fortunately it’s easy to get to TL1. A user just has to look at 5 topics and read 30 posts over 10 minutes.

(Jason Buberel) #7

That seems totally reasonable to me.