How to run maven plugins from Go lang

Hi all,

I am a new employee at WSO2 inc and currently researching on a way to run maven goals ( in particular the maven tycho plugin) on a system without having both java and maven preinstalled and installing them is not an option. Is there anyway of doing that using Go lang?. Thanks in advance.


You need some kind of the Java Virtual Machine installed. There are many of them (Orcale and OpenJDK beeing the biggest ones), just choose on and install it.

If this is really not an option, you will need to implement it on your own. But to be honest, implementing just another JVM from scratch should not be an option either.

So the final option is to get rid of your maven and Java dependencies, which might not be an option as well.

You might be able though, to get some JDK running in a portable way, but I have not found a working portable JRE.

So last but not least, you might be able to build something using docker, but probably installing it is again not an option, or you already had installed java…

Summarizing the said above: You really should make installing Java an option…

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