How to make input auto complited

Hello, My cyber-security teacher at the University gave me a task, to create finishing web-page. Web Page is my university mail service, there are 2 inputs (Id and password). I have already done front-end, my web-page is absolutely similar to mail service and I also handle users Input and store it in the Database. The last thing I wanna do, Is is to put users input from my web-page into the original universities web-page. For example, you are currently in my web-page(fake page) and you have filled all the inputs(id, password) and after that, I, want to send this input’s value to the original web-page to verify the correctness of inputs, if everything is ok then to redirect to the original web-page. But I do not know to do it, front-end, database and other functions are ready but the last one is not(

How is the task described related to auto completion, which you mention in the subject?

And how you can verify the input given against your universities database depends on the API they expose or the database used if you have to access it directly.

I want the inputs from my fake-page to go to the inputs of my universities web-page and if studentId and studentpassword is correct then it will login, I am searching for something line selenium

This sounds very much like you are trying to solve a school task, and that the problem is not related to Go at all.
It would be better for you if you ask your teacher or teachers aides on how to solve the problem.

Actually, this class is not mine, it’s my friends class, he told me about this task and I have decided to do it just to learn more about go and one more thing Golang in my country is not so popular like in your, my university prefers java, I have asked this question, because I stacked, I have finished everything except this functionality, this last function is extra task that I have created to my self, to expand my knowledge, and about asking my teachers, MY university teachers are old fashioned and their programming skills are very low, I do not think that they know how to do this, if u know please help me and I will be grateful to you

What do you think, is it possible to solve this by selenium ?

If you do not have credentials for the database directly, you need to find an official API to authenticate against your universities website. I doubt it will be done via username and password, I think, if possible at all, it will be more of a token based authentication like oauth. But really, this is hard to tell without knowing anything.

Only ever after you know THEIR API, it’s possible to choose your side to deal with it.

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Is possible with selenium but without any api?

If they do not use any JavaScript and you just need to scrape the generated HTML, it’d be possible even without selenium with plain HTTP from your go program.

But you really shouldn’t do this. Every password would run through your server, you could make them visible to your self. This could be considered a MITM attack and in the university I studied at, even trying it would have been resulted in a permanent ban, even without indent of doing evil things.

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got it, thanks man

Solved via agouti! Thanks :+1:t6::+1:t6::+1:t6:

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