How to extract a file in another directory?

Hello , i want to download a zip file from my website and store means i want to download that zip file in /usr/local folder and then i want to extract that downloaded zip in /usr/local/mypro/ext folder
how to do that?

The documentation for the net/http package has an example of how to use an HTTP GET to get data from an HTTP Server:

resp, err := http.Get("")

(Just put the URL to the Zip that you want instead of "")

That will get you a *http.Response object (if there was no error). If you check the documentation, you’ll see that there’s a Body field in the Response:

// Body represents the response body.
// The response body is streamed on demand as the Body field
// is read. If the network connection fails or the server
// terminates the response, Body.Read calls return an error.
// The http Client and Transport guarantee that Body is always
// non-nil, even on responses without a body or responses with
// a zero-length body. It is the caller's responsibility to
// close Body. The default HTTP client's Transport may not
// reuse HTTP/1.x "keep-alive" TCP connections if the Body is
// not read to completion and closed.
// The Body is automatically dechunked if the server replied
// with a "chunked" Transfer-Encoding.
// As of Go 1.12, the Body will also implement io.Writer
// on a successful "101 Switching Protocols" response,
// as used by WebSockets and HTTP/2's "h2c" mode.
Body io.ReadCloser

With resp.Body, you can use any of Go’s io.Reader/io.Writer functions (e.g. io.Copy) to copy the data from the server’s response to a file.

From there, you can use the functions defined in the archive/zip package (e.g. zip.OpenReader) to open that file and access its contents.

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