How to display the number of one word in a string or map?

Hey. I solve this task - Exercise: Maps. I need to display the number of words in my map. How can I do this for my program?
Now I have instead of the number of words in the map, the length of each word is displayed:

map[I:1 need:4 help:4]

Hi @enzovitaliy, words stored already in your map. how about using len(map)? It will return number of words in your map.

Sorry, I did not say so. I need to display the number of one word in a string or map.

Can you post your expected output? since you have the map[I:1 need:4 help:4]

for example:

wc := WordCount("jingle bells jingle bells"):


map[jingle:2 bells:2 jingle:2 bells:2]


map[jingle:2 bells:2]

Hi @enzovitaliy, Here’s my quick solution editing your existing code. maybe there is other solution like linked list etc… hope it helps to you. :wink:

package main

import (

// WordCount funcion
func WordCount(s string) map[string]int {
	str := strings.Fields(s)
	m := make(map[string]int)
	for _, j := range str {
		if m[j] == 0 {
			m[j] = 1
		} else {
			m[j] = m[j] + 1
	return m

func main() {
	wc := WordCount("jingle bells jingle bells bells")

  // Output:
  map[jingle:2 bells:3]

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