How to add persistance?

I’m making a peer-to-peer network using go The purpose of this code is just to connect some nodes with each other and exchange some data but when a node get terminated all other nodes will stop working

How to make it persistent so even if a node closes other nodes will keep working?

Hi @thecow_milk, I am not familiar with libp2p, and from looking at the code I cannot tell what it does, or where the problem is.


  • How exactly do the other nodes stop working when one node terminates? Do you get an error? Do they terminate silently? (I doubt that the latter happens, as the select{} at the end of main() should make the binary run forever if no error occurs.)
  • what libs are used here? (I see e.g. a package named host but no import)
  • What do writeData() and readData() do? (Not included in the code snippet)
  • Did you review the package doc of the packages you use, to see if they describe the behavior of nodes if one node stops sending data?
  • How does the first node get terminated? Could that mechanism also take the other nodes down by chance?

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