How do you know when you are ready

My actual job is SQL Developer/Data Engineer/BI Developer. I have run across a couple of situations at my current job where we needed to make things more efficiently. One need was to create a CRUD app for changing data. We were writing sql code to handle the CRUD and it was driving me crazy. The other need was parsing a report file which is basically xml. This need came along because we converted 120+ reports from OBIEE BIP to Power BI Paginated Reporting. The need came when users were asking us questions about the underlying data. Questions like, what tables and fields are being used or we are changing a table which reports will be impacted. To get the information requested we would have to open every single report if we didn’t have a good idea of where to look. I decided to venture off on my own and write programs to help with these situations. I made them web based with javascript with a Go Rest API and using Go html/Templates. It was definitely a learning experience, but I was able to push through and do it and they actually work. How efficient is another story. How much more experience or self driven projects should I do to look into coding in Go as a career change? This is more of a curiosity if anything. To switch jobs to become a Jr Developer would probably be a pay cut.

Hi, Presley and welcome to the group.
I’ve been a developer for over 40 years, 17 years as a senior developer and architect for Microsoft. Rather than being concerned about the possible pay decrease, think about what you like to do most and go for it. Did you enjoy learning Go and creating with it?
Watch some YouTube videos on learning Go, there are many good ones. Work through the exercises. See if you find it fascinating.
I started learning Go a year ago and it is now my favorite language.
When you get stuck on a programming issue and you have spent considerable time on it, post it to the Go Forum. The folks here are very helpful.
Good luck.

also try to find some free coursera classes where they code actual applications. What you did is a great start, try to do the full web app again for practice, using several different tools whenever possible.

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