How do I solve this specification?

I have some Golang codes which look like the following

package main

type MyStruct struct {
    field1 string
    field2 float64
    field3 int
    field4 bool

func main() {
    names := getNames()
    myStruct := getMyStruct(names)

func getNames() []string {
    // get list of names then return

func getMyStruct(names []string) []Mystruct {
    myStruct := []MyStruct{}
    for i := range names {
	    // do something then assign the computed values
	    myStruct = append(myStruct, MyStruct{
		    field1: value1,
		    field2: value2,
		    field3: value3,
		    field4: value4,
    return myStruct

func writeToCsv(myStruct []MyStruct) {
    // prepare writer then write header
    for i := range myStruct {
	    // create the slice of string to be written to csv

It works correctly. However, I would like to be able to limit the number of rows written in a single csv file to e.g. 500,000 rows without having rows of the same name (from the names slice) being separated.

For example, name1 has 200,000 MyStruct rows, name2 has 289,000 MyStruct rows and name3 has 180,000 MyStruct rows. Since the total number of rows from name1 to name3 is already more than 500,000, I would like it to be written in a single csv file. After that, I would like to continue getting the MyStruct data for name4, name5 and so on and so forth until their total again exceed 500,000.

Can the above be solved properly using closures?

Also, since I’m using Golang, I think it would be better if I also know how to do the following concurrently:

1. Get the MyStruct rows
2. Write them to CSV

Thanks for the help.

I would create a map[string][]MyStruct, where the keys would be the names, which I would return from getNames(). Then, by doing a simple len() of this map’s MyStructs I would decide which []MyStructs to pass to the variadic writer function. Something like that perhaps. In other words: get all names >> get all structs for names >> decide which structs to include in a single CSV.

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