Hiding directory listings for web app

My app has the following structure
|___ go binary (or go source files)
|___ static/css, static/js, static/images
|___ html/ where index.html, kit1.html files are

This was working fine, but a user could point to http://mysite/static and get a directory listing which I’d like to prevent.

I’ve found an example on how to circumvent this. Tried to adapt it:

func main() {
	//fs := http.FileServer(http.Dir("static/"))    (old working)

	http.HandleFunc("/", indexHandler)
	http.HandleFunc("/kit1", indexHandler)

	fs := justFilesFilesystem{http.Dir("")}
	http.Handle("/static/", http.StripPrefix("/static/", http.FileServer(fs)))
	log.Fatal(http.ListenAndServe(":8090", http.FileServer(fs)))

type justFilesFilesystem struct {
	fs http.FileSystem

func (fs justFilesFilesystem) Open(name string) (http.File, error) {
	f, err := fs.fs.Open(name)
	if err != nil {
		return nil, err
	return neuteredReaddirFile{f}, nil

type neuteredReaddirFile struct {

func (f neuteredReaddirFile) Readdir(count int) ([]os.FileInfo, error) {
	return nil, nil

My handler begins with

func indexHandler(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {
path, err := filepath.Abs(filepath.Dir(os.Args[0]))
// error checking surpressed

switch r.Method {
case "GET":
	f := urlToFile(r.URL.Path)
	fmt.Println("f: ", f)
	if f == "" {
		f = "index.html"
	fmt.Println("f_after: ", f)
	http.ServeFile(w, r, "html/"+f)

Although it seems to load around 150Kb, it shows a blank page having just


If index.html is copied from html/index.html to /home/lupe/go/ the server renders it.

Wouldn’t like to change html and static files locations, what changes should I do to the code?

The function indexHandler doesn’t seem to be called whenever /, index.html or /kit1.html is chosen.

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