Help with golang app

I have this code:
package main

import (




// JSONMap is a specialization from map

type JSONMap = map[string]interface{}

// JSONAggregation is a specialization from map[]

type JSONAggregation = map[string][]interface{}

// JSONtoMap convert the json string to a JSONMap compatible with Go

func JSONtoMap(originalJSON string) JSONMap {

var result map[string]interface{}

json.Unmarshal([]byte(originalJSON), &result)

return result


func aggregateInterfaces(aggregation *JSONAggregation, target JSONMap) {

ref := *aggregation

// iterate through every target (JSONMap) and append it to the aggregation

// if its the first time the key is seen, then allocate memory

// and then append it

/*layout := "2006-01-02T15:04:05.000Z"

t, err := time.Parse(layout, fmt.Sprint(target["date"]))

if err != nil {



if v, found := target["date"]; found {


    str := fmt.Sprint(v)



for key := range target {

    if _, ok := ref[key]; ok {

        ref[key] = append(ref[key], target[key])

    } else {

        ref[key] = make([]interface{}, 0)

        ref[key] = append(ref[key], target[key])




// aggregateJSONS return a JSONAggregation with all jsons aggregated

// given that is provided an array of jsons on string format

func aggregateJSONS(jsons []string) JSONAggregation {

aggregation := make(JSONAggregation, 0)

for _, result := range jsons {

    aggregateInterfaces(&aggregation, JSONtoMap(result))


return aggregation


func main() {

jsons := []string{




        "data":"is nice"





        "data":"is a good person"





        "data":"is a cool person"





And it the end i got






map[data:[is nice is a good person is a cool person] date:[2012-04-23T18:24:59.511Z 2012-04-23T18:25:00.511Z 2012-04-23T19:25:01.511Z] name:[kate gleison breno]]

My question is: how can i take an access to the field “date”. What i need to do: aggregate them to groups by hours, days, weeks and months. Categorize them and then aggregate. How can i compare date’s by each other?

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