Help me for choose OS server for go

I am using go language for my website. My website about files storage & cloud.
I want to run my website on VPS, So which OS you are suggest me? Centos or ubuntu?

Best regards.

Whichever you’re more familiar with.


It’s better to choose Ubuntu.

Could you please say your reason why should I use ubuntu?
If I use Centos, I return the issue in future?

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It is not a particular reason related to Golang. Ubuntu is one of the most comfortable distribution and many things are more easy to do and easy to maintain on. Centos is just claimed as a enterprise class operating system with many things often outdated.

Dear friend, I can not speak english well.
My website has 6000 users. About 900 gigabyte files are upload in my server.
My website for storage & sharing files, online games and CDN. Now we are creating android and IOS applicatin for this website.
Script of website is in 2 servers. And the user`s files are storage in 3 servers. These servers are connected to each other & load balancing.

So what is your suggestion for us?
What OS and what version of OS should we are use?

Best regards…

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