Hello There Go Community!

Hey there!

Who are you?
Let me introduce my self, Im Amanuel Bogale, a Programmer-Lover(arent we all :wink: ).

How did you come about?
Well, i actually didnt know there was a Go-Fourm which is preety exciting! I came here by following this site! I Will post link in Reply[since new users can post only two links…]

What do you use Go For?

I do Go when i get really tired after a lot of C/C++ Code, Basically Go is where i find fun…

What is your favorite subject in Go?

Well it is very dependant on my Mood. One time im with structs and other with concurency… It depends if Concurency Fails on me :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: .

Do you like Go?
I love this Language! And this is also Open Source, which makes it even better for improvements!

Other Fourm You Participate in?
Yes i do actually participate in two other discourse fourms… Im very active in the Codecademy Fourm, which is a discourse fourm for the website Codecademy.com… basically where all the people start coding… Love helping out people there.

I am Also active in Cloud9IDE Fourm which is a fourm for the Cloud9IDE! Its one of the best Online IDE’s Out there… I practically do Go there, you should 100% Tottaly use it. Also Did i mention it is Open Source? :smiley:

Any other Stuff?

Nothing Much… I hope i become of help in this forum! Have a good day!


Links Above i would have posted:

Where i got This forum from:

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