Guide to JSON - Early Access Special

The Pocket Gophers’ Guide to JSON

Learn how to confidently handle any JSON with the Pocket Gophers’ Guide to JSON.

You’ll learn a universal approach to deal with any JSON that leverages encoding/json and other JSON tools in the Go ecosystem along with how to evaluate your implementation.

The Pocket Gophers’ Guide to JSON includes a PDF that explains the approach, the tools, and the evaluation method. The guide also includes examples based on real-world JSON with many solutions (where possible) with detailed evaluations.

You’ll learn how to efficiently handle your JSON with confidence that your solution balances the implementation with how dynamic the JSON is and at the same time be idiomatic Go.

Just fire up your editor and buy The Pocket Gophers’ Guide to JSON. Then you’ll be confidently handling any JSON today.

Early Access Special

  • 40% off the full price of $50!
  • Free updates as they are released!
  • The price will go up as the guide reaches completion.

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