Gopei Shell 1.7 bring the quick deploy tool Quantum Teleporter

Based on The Convergence, Gopei shell 1.7 bring two powerful functionalities

The project can be founded here. See on wiki how to use it.

This cloud tool concept is based on replication and quick deploy of the golang projects from local machine to remote machines (Linux/Unix desktops,servers or Macs) only through ssh. No other tools no other rules. Has no versioning because it’s a final deploy tool, for versioning is github or else.

Quantum Teleporter has a set of primitives but most important are init,teleport and deploy wich transfer the compiled project, run and add to startup on the remote machine. :yum:

Let’s say i work on my Linux machine a web service in LiteIDE, i can compile cross for darwin for example, init a connection with a Mac through a given ip,user and password, teleport on this Mac (push and run remote) and deploy (push, run and add to startup). After restart remote machine will run the deployed web service. :dizzy_face:

Also, many scenarious are posible between machines and operating systems.

Quantum Teleporter is functional but still alfa release, any bugs founded, sugestions, feedback will be apreciated.


Quick advance to 1.7.1. Reasons and news:

  • switch to LiteIDE X30 due an incompatibility between go1.7 and gocode in X29
  • add some conditional compilation commands on ctrl+` (see @dfc 's article)

i know, i also hate this frequent changes… :angry:

[tip] 1.7 users can also update gocode
go get -u && cp bin/gocode liteide/bin/

Gopei shell 1.7.2 is out. Reasons and news:

  • old monaco.ttf url no more exist so switch to other url
  • add armv7 support, so you can install now on Raspberry Pi :sweat_smile:

curl -LO && unzip

deploy tool (Quantum Teleporter) integration with VSCode :wink:

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