Good editor for golang?

What is the best editor for golang؟
for windows.

IntelliJ Idea, end of discussion!

Edit: I am not sure that this topic is for the release category :smile:

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I use VIM but I am on OSX, but I am sure you can use Sublime Text + Go-Sublime/ Atom + Go plugin (if you don’t want to use IDE) otherwise IntelliJ Idea is great too…

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You might find this thread useful. Personally I tried to use atom and intellij with the corresponding go plugins, but it’s painful. It’s nowhere near the joyful experience of using vim on linux :blush:

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I want for windows.

both Atom and Sublime Text are available for free on Windows.


Will this question never end? If it’s the first one here, I hope it’s the last as it’s the same question asked on every programming board every day of the week.

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@Rob yeah, I guess system should should have a default message for this question, “use the editor that works for you” :smile:

If you ask me, the best for golang is LiteIDE which is especially designed for. If you want the major advantage of LiteIDE is autocomplete which is the best implementation. And this is very helpful. Another advantage is the simplity.

About the others well known editors/IDEs with go plugins, are usable but every of them has some drawbacks, from hard to install/hard to use to useful options or incomplete go plugins. Most of them implies advanced knowledge about the editor and i think that you must focus on golang and not on the editor, to be productive.

However, LiteIDE lacks in html/javascript zone so if you want to develop web applications this can be a little annoying. But strictly for the golang, for the moment, i have not seen yet some better ide than LiteIDE.


LiteIDE is Heavy for my system.

+1 intellij idea

Vim + vim-go plugin is my preferred development environment.

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