Golang in the cloud?

Any tips to share regarding go on app engine? Just starting a new prototype for a SaaS product and we decided to go with App Engine to get something working fast. Using Golang because it’s a good fit and motivates me to work harder :smile:

So, anything you’ve learned that you wish you’d known when you first started out with App Engine?

Mostly that embracing due services provided by google provides a very solid advantage in development time. They do however get you locked into appengine.

I’d also recommend to stay away from Managed VMs for now, they have not been very stable yet.


Using Datastore with the Goon (https://github.com/mjibson/goon) api is a must.

Appeared to be critical: “If strong consistency is important to your application,… write entities with an ancestor path that identifies the same root entity across all entities that must be read in a single, strongly-consistent ancestor query…” this has appeared to be compulsory to keep dataStores clean.

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We use nds, same type of library: github.com/qedus/nds
In our experience Strong Consistency is actually rarely mandatory, and we usually work without it.

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HeroKu supports Go

OpenShift supports Go

I cam recommend cloud foundry, big chunks of it are written in Go and therefore does a good job supporting it. You can get an account that’s free for a little while.

You could also just wrap it in a docker container. That’s the best way to deploy anything these days imho.

If you wanted you could try Joyent’s Triton – it’s a docker deployment system that is supposedly getting more bare metal results than app engine and aws.

I haven’t tried it, but it’s my next deployment stop (besides digital ocean which I use exclusively for development)

Side note: the docker project actually led me to Go :slight_smile:

I’m partial to Heroku, but that’s because I’m responsible for Go @ Heroku.

PS: Please hit me up directly if you are having problems with Go on Heroku, or if you have use cases that we currently don’t support and I’ll do my best to help.


DigitalOcean works very well for me.

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