Golang Couchbase DB read operation time taken is same as write operation time taken


Am benchmarking the performance between GO ,C++ and Python with Couchbase .

Can anyone please help me to understand the GO read document behaviour ? Insert operation is taking around 28sec ,however read operation is also taking the same time. . I have used only simple get function as below ,no other functions called .

function main()
var bucket *gocb.Bucket
bucket, err = cluster.OpenBucket(configuration.BucketName, "") //Connects to the bucket
var readCount int64 = 0
var readproportion int
var opsSequence[100] int
for i :=0; i < 5; i++ { 
    for j :=0; j < 100000; j++ {   //NumofDoc : 250000
        k := j%100;
        optype := opsSequence[k];
        var x int = int(readCount % 5000);
        test := "Go_Demo_"+"_"+strconv.Itoa(x)

func getDocument(bucket *gocb.Bucket,documentId string) {
    var get_data Interface{}
    _, error := bucket.Get(documentId, &get_data)
    if error != nil {

Whereas In C++ and Python read document time is half of the time of Insert documents ( if write takes 30sec then read taking 15secs) . As per my observation on these tests read should be faster than write , but in GO am not getting the expected results.