Golang and MIDI

Has anyone succeeded in writing a simple Golang app which can read a MIDI file, preferably a MIDI Drum file and play it on macOS? I’m aware of the https://gitlab.com/gomidi/midi package, but there do not seem to be any useful examples of actually doing the seemingly obvious thing of reading and playing a MIDI file.

The idea is to find an easy way of previewing Drum MIDI files from the command-line or from Finder, now that the Quicklook facility for MIDI files has been removed from macOS (dropped from v10.8 onwards, I believe).

Hi Carl,

I am the author of https://gitlab.com/gomidi/midi and read your message by accident (it would be better to use the issue tracker for questions / requests).

I have written a new package gitlab.com/gomidi/midi/player to facilitate playing of a SMF/MIDI file.
Please have a look - there is also a simple CLI player as an example in gitlab.com/gomidi/midi/player/example/smfplayer.


Hi Marc,

Thanks for replying. I had gotten so desperate that I was even considering Python solutions! Can you imagine? I’ll certainly check out the new package, though that will have to wait for tomorrow. I have some beers waiting for me in the fridge, and they are not going to drink themselves :wink:


Hi Marc.

Thanks for getting back to me! I’m a bit busy at the moment but I will be sure to look at your new additions, and I’ll be sure to use the issue tracker if I have any questions!



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