Godoc server error, what should I do?

Hi all,

I am running godoc -http=:6060 then opening http://localhost:6060/pkg/my_repo_path in browser.

The resulting page displays correctly, but when I open some subpackages it shows their documentation as expected, but for some it complains that my code does not compile:

/src/my:repo_path:128:60: expected ')', found b11111111 (and 10 more errors)

The code compiles in my IDE, the tests run, the code itself runs just fine. Why does godoc think I have an error ?

Does it use an older version of my code, or perhaps I first need to build/update godoc before running the godoc server ?

Another strange thing is that my go version is go version go1.18, but in the godoc page footer it says Build version go1.12.12.. Is it possible that godoc needs to somehow be configured to use my go version ?

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