Go get -u -v k8s.io/kube-deploy/imagebuilder failed in a AWS China instance

Any suggestions? Thanks!

$ go get -u -v k8s.io/kube-deploy/imagebuilder

Fetching https://k8s.io/kube-deploy/imagebuilder?go-get=1
Parsing meta tags from https://k8s.io/kube-deploy/imagebuilder?go-get=1 (status code 200)
get "k8s.io/kube-deploy/imagebuilder": found meta tag get.metaImport{Prefix:"k8s.io/kube-deploy", VCS:"git", RepoRoot:"https://github.com/kubernetes/kube-deploy"} at https://k8s.io/kube-deploy/imagebuilder?go-get=1
get "k8s.io/kube-deploy/imagebuilder": verifying non-authoritative meta tag
Fetching https://k8s.io/kube-deploy?go-get=1
Parsing meta tags from https://k8s.io/kube-deploy?go-get=1 (status code 200)
k8s.io/kube-deploy (download)
# cd .; git clone https://github.com/kubernetes/kube-deploy /home/kops/go/src/k8s.io/kube-deploy
Cloning into '/home/kops/go/src/k8s.io/kube-deploy'...
error: RPC failed; result=56, HTTP code = 200
fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly
fatal: early EOF
fatal: index-pack failed
package k8s.io/kube-deploy/imagebuilder: exit status 128

The TCP session ends abruptly. Have you tried contacting Amazon? This isn’t a Go problem.

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Hi BrantCao:

It seems to be an error raised by git. I think your problem is similar with this one.

Have a try and hope it works.

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