Go frameworks for Web Application

I am learning Go and want to start building a web application which is a Project Management System. For my project, I want to build UI, Web Services and Gantt Charts. I would like to use SQL Server as database.

I checked web frameworks on Google but not able to decide which one fits best for my requirement. The framework should have large set of libraries available for charts and online help should be easily available.

Please suggest.

I suggest not trying to find “the” single framework that does everything. If such a thing exists at all in Go, it will most probably be a compromise. Moreover, any framework (in any language) bears a danger of locking you in. If some parts of the framework turn out to bee too restrictive or lack features, you will have a hard time breaking out of that cage.

Instead, look at independent libraries that you can combine to your liking; one library for Web services, another one for generating charts, for the UI, for the database, etc.

Also ask yourself what parts of the work can (or need to) be done at the client’s end. Look into VueJS, React, and the like for client-side UI implementation. I bet there are also client-side Gantt chart JS libraries available somewhere if you cannot find any server-side Gantt lib written in Go.


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