Go for Web development

(Nitin Satish) #1

I am doing the Todd McLeod’s Go web development course. I am from Devops side and don’t have much experience with web development.

The course mostly uses the net/http from standard library. I am planning to write some simple web applications displaying our system inventory etc. as a side project at work. Do I need to learn any frameworks? I wanted to know what professional web developers use in their work.

(George Calianu) #2

Basically you don’t need a framework or a toolkit to write a web application but at some point you will be forced to use one to simplify your work. I often use gorilla toolkit.

(Jay Poss) #3

I use httprouter.
Simple and offers some nice features.

(Ralph Jackson) #4

I started on the path of developing with Go with Todd McLeod’s Go for web development class (on udemy). That class gave me the background to allow me to get my first Go dev job. I’ve been using Go since then. Definitely recommended.
Disclaimer: I have been a professional developer since the early '80s, so I did have a lot of other solid work history behind me.