Go doesn't compile “hello world”

To download Golang use this url : https://golang.org/dl/

To install on VS Code, have to download?

You can install VS Code alone, separet from Golang. There is no depedencies. Just do this

  1. Download Go and install. Check it is running OK by issuing any go command in your terminal
  2. Dowonload VSCode and install it
  3. Download Go plugin for VSCode (inside VSCode)
  4. Just edit your hello world and try to compile and execute from VSCode

In graphic form, from ubuntu, comes the VS Code, the one that I installed, the Go, is installed, in Eclipse, was by the terminal, then you have to download again, to install in VS Code?

If you had already installed go and vscode just install the go plugin for vscode

Is it extension? How do I do that?

Did you tried LiteIDE? Is more proper for Go because was written with this language in mind and not like a general code editor. I had put a a link above with an installer for Linux or you could simply unpack in your $HOME folder.


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