Go and Google Cloud Storage

It took me awhile to get Google Cloud Storage working with Go. For anybody else who might want to do this, here is the solution.


Thanks for stepping through this!!

I totally agree, that documentation is crazy-making :slight_smile:

Breaking out the different cases is super helpful. Handy examples and interesting discussion too.

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Glad you liked it, Matt!

Thanks for this video Todd, I actually really like this way of learning; watching someone discover and learn early on. Is this part of a series? You seem to have someone riding shotgun while you explore, is that the same for other videos?


Yes, part of a series on learning web programming with Go. We’re teaching it at CSU Fresno as an exploratory class, meaning, let’s all learn this together - the teacher is learning it with the students and we have no textbook. Crazy but fun. The guy riding shotgun is a super smart student. Over the summer, we had a great “summer web bootcamp” in which we hired Caleb Doxsey, the author of golang-book. He taught us all web programming with Go. The student who rides shotgun in my videos, Daniel, was at the bootcamp, and now he’s the TA in the course at CSUF helping me teach the other students at CSUF. It’s been a great and fun experience!

More resources: My code corresponding to the CSUF class; Caleb’s code corresponding to bootcamp and Caleb’s outline from which he taught.

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