Glide 0.9.0 RC1

Glide, a package manager, has a 0.9.0 RC 1 release. Normally we have not had the need for release candidates but the changes this time are enough to necessitate it. Those include:

  • An internal refactor that removes the declarative programming (the cookoo package). This makes the code easier to follow and contribute to for many.
  • Updating follows the referenced import tree rather than all possible permutations in the filesystem. This makes Glide a lot faster for many cases. We’ve seen it do update in 30% to 10% of the time is used to. The old behavior can still be opted into.

Because of these big changes, a couple of the numerous changes, we are rolling an RC to get any last feedback before a release.


I really enjoy Glide’s take on dependency management.

Question: do you guys plan to have a website?

Glad you enjoy Glide and it’s useful for you.

The website is under development and should be released soon-ish.

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