Get Collection of Enums as Typed values

How to get a collection of const and inherit the behaviour as well?

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There is no easy way to get a list of constants unless you use something like the go/ast package. That said, if I read into your question a little bit, I think you want to collect all executable operations. What came to mind for me was to create an interface with an Execute method that any operation could implement. From there, you could initialize a list of operations with the implementations.

Something like this:

type Operation interface {

type WriteOperation struct{}

func (wo WriteOperation) Execute() {
	println("WriteOperation executing...")

type ReadOperation struct{}

func (ro ReadOperation) Execute() {
	println("ReadOperation executing...")

type OperationCollection []Operation

func NewOperationCollection() OperationCollection {
	return OperationCollection{

func main() {
	col := NewOperationCollection()
	for _, op := range col {

Iā€™m deviating from the idiomatic single-method interface naming here a little bit but trying to better understand your intent through this example.

The code is runnable on the playground at

Hope that helps.


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