Generating two RSA keys stops in the second one

If I generate one RSA key the program goes well.
If I generate two RSA keys the program is stuck on second key generation line and nothing happens, the program doesn’t pass that line.

However, on the Go Playground it just works:

I don’t know why this is happening, is there any way to generate two RSA keys?

If I close the program and run it again 10 times fast, the first key is generated always quickly but the second key never. Is there a way to “finish” the first key or something and then to generate the second one?

I’m on Ubuntu 16.04 with 8GB RAM.

I can’t reproduce that either.

When the program is hung, hit it with a SIGQUIT and you’ll get a backtrace showing you where it’s at. That may help explain what’s going on.

(Use triple backticks above and underneath code and log snippets here on the forum. ;))

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Thank you very much. With the SIGQUIT I’ve been able to see the problem. It is not related with the generation of the keys at all. I had left an infinite for loop on the code.

Thank you again.

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“Like” for sorting it out, negative like for testing different code than claimed :wink:

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