First question from book “The Go Programming Language”

Hi All,

I am happy to join this forum. This looks like a very valuable forum.

I started my journey with go just few days ago so I apologized if the answer to this question is to obvious.

I was going over the drill in the book “The Go Programming Language” in chapter 4

When running the program main.go the output is missing all the items (.Number, item.User.Login, item.Title) but I do see the TotalCount issues.

go run main.go repo:golang/go is:open json decoder
15 issues:

Any idea what I am missing ?


Perhaps GitHub have changed their issue format. Try printing the length of the length of the result.Items slice

fmt.Println(len(result.Items), "items)

Yep looks like that. So in order to print it I should update the type Issue struct ?

Can you please advise.


0 items

Maybe you could write to that authors, and le them know this example has stopped working.

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