First attempt to use go - how to change my workspace path?


can sb please tell me how to switch from “~/go/” to “~/.go/” ?

Thank you very much in advance.


export GOPATH=$GOPATH:~/.go

Thank you, but now I get: go: GOPATH entry is realtive; must be absolute path: “”.
I tried:
export GOPATH=$GOPATH:~/.go
export GOPATH=$GOPATH:~/.go/
export GOPATH=$GOPATH:/home/myname/.go
export GOPATH=$GOPATH:/home/myname/.go/

all of them return the same result when accessing go afterwards
Do I have to do something else?

it should be:

$> export GOPATH=$HOME/.go

or, optionally:

$> export GOPATH=$HOME/.go:$GOPATH

(if you want to keep the old $GOPATH workspace as a source of possible packages, and stack them up)


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Hey, thank you very much.
Not sure why passing $HOME works but passing the value of $HOME (echo $Home: /home/myname) does not work…
Anyway got a working solution :smiley:

Its not the $HOME, its the position of the old $GOPATH. If yoi prepend it and it is empty, you create an invalid entry in the list. But if it is at the end, it is ignored.

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