Feedback: Go Micro - A distributed systems development framework

Hey all,

My name’s Asim, I’m a huge Go enthusiast since 2009 when the language was first announced. I’ve been writing production Go code for a number of years now. At some point I realised that Go needed a framework much like Rails or Spring for writing what Go is great for, distributed systems.

About 5 years ago I open sourced and it’s been doing pretty well. Every so often I look to gauge some feedback on the project. We’re now thinking about giving go-micro a bit of a rewrite for v3 to be more idiomatic and make each package useful independently, to turn it into more of a standard library on top of Go and shift our framework efforts to instead.

I would be interested to get feedback from the community on the current state of go-micro and get ideas around how we can refactor the interfaces and relationships between them. I took a very opinionated approach and it went pretty far but I want this to become something of a standard on top of Go and need some help getting there.

Appreciate any feedback thanks!


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