Example of Pointer analysis?


im trying to understand the pointer analysis in Go. I saw there is an example but thats too complicated for now. I know orcale can do this kind of stuff but I want the same thing in code. For example this code snippet, is there a way to get the pointsTo information?
package main

// Demonstration of directionality of flow edges.

func f1() {}
func f2() {}

var somepred bool

// Tracking functions.
func flow1() {
    s := f1
    p := f2
    q := p
    r := q
    if somepred {
        r = s
    print(s) // @pointsto main.f1
    print(p) // @pointsto main.f2
    print(q) // @pointsto main.f2
    print(r) // @pointsto main.f1 | main.f2

func main() {

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