Early Access : Handson Data Structures & Algorithms with GO

My book from packt is available for early access. Hands on Data structures and algorithms with Go. Check out:

Direct link:

Mapt Link (Mapt login is required):

The code for the book is available at:

Recent feedback on the book:

"Do you know when will the pdf version of your book be available? From the code on GitHub, it looks like it will be chock-full of a myriad of excellent examples for learning DS and ALGOs in Go. I really think this is the type of book I need to take me to that next level.

Kind regards,


"I’ve been going through this in python for an interview really wanting to do everything in go.

I am looking forward to this


"This looks exciting. I’ve been looking for an algo book in Go and yours looks the part especially seen that it includes algos that other books usually neglect(like memory management algorithms)

I have however, in the past, bought books that I ended up regretting.

As such, nowadays my policy is to buy books which have a free chapter included that I can download in advance to gauge whether the book is for me.

Does your book have a free chapter somewhere?


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