Dokku uses Go 1.4.1 - how to use latest version?

For one project I use Dokku on a Digital Ocean instance. I noticed it still uses Go 1.4.1 but I would like it to use 1.5.1. I had a look at the docs but I cannot figure where Dokku gets the buildpack from. Is there a way to set it to a higher version ? Ideally I would like the Go version per project…

Note: I am not very familiar with the project, but I am trying to help.

After searching around the files It appears to me that this project stands on debian. You can see a file in the root of the project which appears to be playing the role of provisioner, it is included in the Makefile on line 28. On line 130 of the file you can see that the golang package is being installed from the main repositories.

sudo apt-get install -qq -y git golang mercurial 2>&1 > /dev/null
export PATH=$(PATH):$(GOROOT)/bin:$(GOPATH)/bin && export GOROOT=$(GOROOT) && export GOPATH=$(GOPATH) && cd /tmp/tmp/plugn && make deps
export PATH=$(PATH):$(GOROOT)/bin:$(GOPATH)/bin && export GOROOT=$(GOROOT) && export GOPATH=$(GOPATH) && cd /tmp/tmp/plugn && go build -o plugn
mv /tmp/tmp/plugn/plugn /tmp/build/usr/local/bin/plugn

I have not investigated further but I guess that the official version in the debian repositories will be 1.4.1.

You should be able to find your way around this from here :wave:

Thank you gngeorgiev for looking into this ! But its a little different.

This morning it turns out this is rather simple to change (note to myself again: I should not work so late…).

Dokku uses the Heroku buildpackages to compile code. In this case:
This package depends heavily on godeps as can be seen in

So all that needs to be done is refer to the required Go version in Godeps.json
Which is already done by default by godep itself

So the compiler version for projects in Dokku can always be chosen by editing Godeps.json and will automatically be updated by running godep.

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