Digital signature,strange characters


when i try to sign decument with rsa.SignPKCS1v15
I get something like this: "TP1�D�G��Ϳ�Mt�X��l�q��B׋��ǒ7�T��]�Ɠ�x�>�+qi(��z���Ns "
which does not look too good to me :slightly_smiling_face: I tried with node and I do not get characters like “�”

I tried with different private key and it is the same. My code:

Is that the byteresult just tried to print as a string?

I do not know about how node handles it, but what you have here are raw bytes, the most memory efficient way to store the hash/signature.

If you want to print it, you should use base16, 26, or whatever encoding suites you best.

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